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Engage and explore the realm of blockchain technology with Axxon Group, one of the top-rated full-service Crypto and NFT marketing agencies in the US. With our blockchain tech expertise and proven marketing team, we have helped our clients across the globe connect with the top NFT influencers, investors and thought leaders for a long-term sustainable business growth!

Smart Contract Development

We offer full-stack blockchain development services including smart contracts which embrace a transparent way to do business.

What is Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a computer program stored on a blockchain with self-enforcing protocols governed by specific terms & conditions executed once a certain set of parameters is fulfilled between two or large groups.

Our Smart Contract Development Services

Being focused on smart contract development [brand name] solutions help businesses to grow and conduct automation by supplying hassle-free smart contract services.

Smart Contract Construction

Our smart contract development team are industry professionals who follow robust smart contract development practices to ensure the value of the smart contract code.

Smart Contract Development

Our professionals also develop customized streamlined smart contract logic as per business requirements.

Smart Contract Audit

We supply smart contract audit services to help businesses rectify the smart contract code and to enhance their smart contract security by being audited extensively.

Smart Contract Code Optimization

Our professional team implements highly advanced techniques for an optimized smart contract which increases its speed and security during execution.

Smart Contract Audit

We offer audit services to our customers and smart contract security audits are quite common in the ECO system. While most organizations do not understand the significance of security audits which helps them grow their business by reducing the vulnerabilities in smart contracts code. Nowadays most organizations pressing problem is security and the inefficiency of smart contracts our expert team makes sure to resolve those risks before deployment in the real world.

  • Early Smart contract audit helps in avoiding fatal flaws after deployment which can become a substantial risk for growing business demands.
  • Our expert audit team doubled check the complete smart contract code for spurious results.
  • Our team helps in securing a smart contract from any external force security attack while highlighting vulnerabilities during the development process.
  • The smart contract auditing process allows organizations to conduct ongoing security assessments and help improve the development process.

Our smart contract audit service tests and verifies that no logical vulnerabilities are present in the business logic of the smart contract and the contract written in solidity language is according to the standard with a proper description of each function self-explanatory. Our expert team does manual testing of a smart contract of each line and secure the code and optimized it for low Gas fee usage some contracts make complex series of a transaction to complete business logic intended in the smart contract, with optimization we can save a lot on transaction cost.

  • Our professional expert team resolves the Reentrancy vulnerability from the smart contract code since it is still a major issue that a hacker can exploit, and organizations could lose millions of dollars during transactions.
  • Integer overflow and underflow become problematic when the size of the variable the value stored is exceeded which causes many vulnerabilities in the code of smart contract and leads to charging high Gas fees per transaction which our team of experts optimized to run under a certain amount of Gas limitation.
  • Our team of experts finds badly structured code becoming suspected of front-running opportunities

White-labeled NFT development services

White-labeled NFT marketplace is proving as a profitable business opportunity in the crypto domain. A White label NFT marketplace is a customizable and prebuilt NFT platform through which anyone can create, transfer, buy, sell, and bid for NFTs. In layman’s terms, it’s a place where crypto assets traders’ meet their specific business requirements. White label NFT marketplace offers some unique features while enhancing the user experience and encouraging users to narrow down the specific search in a matter of seconds.

Our white-label NFT marketplace is a customizable NFT marketplace portfolio using blockchain technology for NFT trading with simplicity. Our white-labeled NFT marketplace provides comprehensive capabilities to its user through these features no third party or anonymous user can sell counterfeit work. Our marketplace provides rankings based on trading volume, price, and the latest NFT and ranks various NFTs depending on customer requirements. Our White label marketplace enables multiple selections of NFTs for buying and selling in a single click Our white label marketplace provides absolute transparency and safety during actions and places bids for available NFTs. Our white label marketplace provides users access and sorts NFTs category-wise along with the option of searching specific NFTs using our internal search engine which generates manual and automatic tags. Our white-labeled NFT marketplace provides a filtering process so that users can easily filter down the specific NFTs for high/low price, popularity, floor price, published date, and recently listed as one of many built-in features. Our marketplace provides users with a personal folder to market the most favorite NFTs using our platform. Our marketplace provides unified wallet integration for seamless storage, receiving, and forwarding of funds. Our white-label marketplace ensures 100% confidentiality of user content

Why we are different from other white-label marketplaces because of countless wallet integration available in mainstream markets, You can search through the marketplace and highlight the ones you wanted to mint, stack, purchase, Sell and transfer NFTs ether from one user to another or one account to another account. Users can create new NFTs by using our white-labeled NFT platform via a guided step-by-step wizard to simplify the execution of lengthy complicated tasks. The important highlight of our white-labeled NFT marketplace is the development process involves simple steps and minimizes the time taken for the final product. Our White labeled NFT marketplace has been extensively tested beforehand for error and bugs-free deployment which most NFT marketplace development organizations tend to lack the capability which helps customers lose business opportunities by having much higher maintenance and downtime of applications throughout the tenure. Our White labeled NFT marketplace offers customizable user-end features for better integration and user-friendly navigation which helps in growing more business opportunities with any extensive efforts to search for NFT. Our white-label marketplace works on cross-chain integration for seamless NFT designing and trading by connecting with different blockchains. The Platform supports unique assets like tweets, art, images, Graphical Gif even physical assets.

Our white-labeled NFT marketplace is built on a customer-centric approach to engaging users with a simple workflow and supporting users to mint and trade NFT at ease for hassle-free trading experiences.

Wallet Development

In the Era of smartphones and high-speed cellular networks becoming collective worldwide more people tend to purchase things using their phones and interact with each other. The trend of digitalization created the idea to solve this problem by providing an e-wallet application that become highly popular with the growing demand for everyday needs. People all over the world recognize the new medium to do a transaction that is highly secure using blockchain technology with the meta of today’s technology and most of Web3 revolves around it. Digital wallet application helps people to make connectionless and contactless purchases from stores. Crypto wallets are becoming a worldwide spectacle for cryptocurrency owners to store their currencies digitally over a highly secure blockchain which is secured by highly advanced algorithms and hashing technology.

Solution of e-wallet we offer there has hardly been a better time for it to invest in fintech applications such as crypto wallets. We build decentralized crypto wallets for Blockchain projects, DEXs, Defi Trading, and Investment platforms. We will help our customers to launch the crypto wall and expand the DiFi portfolio by offering them improved security, more rapid transaction, and robust control of crypto assets.

Our Crypto Wallet Offering

Mobile Wallet: We offer mobile wallet applications to our customers, imagine waving your smartphone and completing a payment how good is that sound when it can become reality by using NFC technology available in most smartphones some of the manifests of this technology are improved customer experience by speeding up checkouts. It is secure so you will not lose any credit card information and you gain insight into consumer behavior. Our wallet can be seamlessly integrated with Apple Pay, Google pay, and other famous payment platforms depending on customer requirements.

Desktop Crypto Wallet offering

Desktop Wallet: Our desktop crypto wallets are enhanced applications compatible with any regular Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems like desktops and laptops. Our Desktop crypto wallet is a universal digital wallet and it is multichain and supports multiple blockchains. Our desktop crypto application is a portal to the Decentralized applications and EOS news flash system that going to facilitate the commercialization of decentralized applications. Every customer demands a highly secure digital wallet where our product shines

Web Wallet the browser extensions

Web wallet: Our web wallet can be installed as a browser extension. User can access their web wallets from any internet browser by providing correct authentication you can connect to the domain of blockchain just a click away anywhere from the world. Our wallet browser extension is a highly encrypted application saving the private key of the user in an advanced algorithm.


The industry sectors we served include

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    Traverse to the NFT-verse with a highly capable NFT marketplace development company

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    Smart Contracts

    Smart Contracts are programs that are able to store and execute user agreements in a safe, decentralized manner

  • coins-2452_3800c0d7-bb74-4470-909a-e107b62b50e6


    The virtual reality (VR) market is growing at an astonishing rate. That’s because businesses and consumers alike are embracing virtual experiences like never before.

  • pos-terminal-2470_861790a4-85dc-4da4-b645-64e5b80247d5

    Smart Contract Audit

    Because blockchain technology is relatively new and still in the process of being fully adopted, many companies are hesitant to use it in their operations

  • deposit-box-2465_8d0edd4a-0865-4431-b57f-e857a350022b

    NFT Marketing

    professional network of industry-leading blockchain and crypto influencers, advisors, thought leaders, and marketers

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    Advisory & Strategy

    Advanced & reliable blockchain, crypto and web3 solutions for steady business growth

Our Key Services


  • Ecommerce

    Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to all SMEs, mega enterprises, and entrepreneurs reach out to a maximum number of audiences.

  • NFT

    The NFT ecosystem is rapidly growing, with several SMEs and mega-global organizations rolling out their own unique NFT proposition to conquer the market.

  • Real Estate

    The concept of metaverse has changed the traditional ways of real estate dealings, with people investing a fortune in properties on metaverse-based platforms.

  • Fintech

    Don’t let outdated tech methods disrupt your financial future. Let our FinTech experts help you transform the orthodox financial approach into NFT-field realities.

Crypto & NFT Marketing Services

Step into the world of blockchain and be part of the ever-changing technology!

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    Our professional crypto and blockchain experts work on the strategies and insights to come up with the effectual methods of marketing and selling your NFTs.

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    Marketplace Advisory

    Choosing the right platform for your NFT project may help you reach out to the right audience. Join our network of top NFT influencers & PR professionals.

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    Smart Contract Strategy

    Ever heard of NFT minting and deployment, Ethereum blockchains, smart contracts, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) etc.? No? Well, nothing to worry about.


Our blockchain expertise

Advanced and Reliable Solutions to help businesses of all types and sizes succeed in the ever-changing Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Crypto and NFT Space. Scale your business better and take your share of the growing market with our exceptional services!


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